Why math is important

math on a chalkboard

A lot of times, we hear how kids and teenagers complain about how much they dislike math. They are wondering and questioning whether the subject will be useful in their daily life as an adult. In what possible scenario will calculus come to good use? Well, the truth is, when we were kids, math was probably our least favorite subject as well. And as adults, we may not realize how much math has helped us to shape the way our brain thinks and why is it essential. If you have a child or you are a teenager yourself, read along these reasons on why learning math is necessary.

Solving problems

math toolsSometimes, you have to look beyond what you see. Math is mostly a subject full of problems, and you have to find the solutions with the tools and knowledge that has been given. Do not see it as just a bunch of numbers. What matters and what math is trying to do is to shape and sharpen your mind so that you will get used to solving problems. So if you know someone who needs it, take a local course that can help the person who is struggling or wants to get better at math. For example, if you live in Singapore, there are plenty of public and private centers that offer reasonable math tuition in singapore. There is a reason why math is compulsory and why those who are good at math normally ace in other subjects as well.

To move on to the next thing

math testWhatever topic or grade that you are currently in, you can’t give up on it if you feel like you can’t understand it because math is inevitable while you are still in school. What’s more is you need to learn the current subject to move on to the next thing. And I am not talking about passing the grades so that you can move on to another; it’s about using the previous knowledge for the following topics. For instance, you will not be able to understand anything that requires knowledge of multiplication and division if you don’t get what they are about.

Future career and life as an adult

If your dream is to become an architect, … or a programmer, you definitely need math in your life because all of these professions require advanced math. And even if you want another job, it does not mean that you can avoid counting numbers in your life because life as an adult needs a lot of daily math, especially when you are responsible for financing your own money.