Engineers are trained to design and build structures and various electrical components. There are different engineering disciplines which one can study. Engineers are professional which come in different varieties and can work for different employers. This is a field which plays a significant role in reducing overreliance of people on fossil fuels, keeping people around with fresh water supply and improved sanitation, improving the mode of transport and building fabulous bridges.

In general, everything which has been made by human beings has some input from these professionals. Engineers will help in designing and creating different products, maintaining and improving them. It would practically be impossible for the world to function without these professionals.


Described below are the different types of engineering disciplines. This is a vast field, and there are different types of engineers who are specialized in particular areas/disciplines. Most of the engineering degrees are mainly focussed on specific disciplines. When it comes to the job market, you will find that recruiters specify the types of engineering degree they accept. Some of the higher degree apprenticeships will channel you into a particular area of specialization. This means that you should be aware of the different options which are available before applying for school leaver or university programmes.

Civil engineering

These are engineers who have a deep knowledge on how to design, maintain and construct man-made parts which play a vital role in the environment. These include bridges, buildings, railways, roads, airports, tunnels, and dams. Civil engineers are required to have an understanding of how the different forces act on structures or objects as well as the behaviour of fluids. They also need to know how the different forces and the movement of fluids are related to geology.

Mechanical engineering

These engineers have an understanding of how the different forces act on objects, how gases and liquids behave and the conversion of energy. This knowledge is used by mechanical engineers when they are designing machines. Some of the systems developed by mechanical engineers include turbines, fans, power plants, pumps and other machine elements.


Chemical engineering

As a Chemical Engineer, you are required to understand how the different chemicals react and how new substances are formed. Most of these chemicals are used in industrial reactions. Some of the major products produced by these engineers include petrol, cosmetics, fertilizer, food, plastics, and pharmaceuticals.

Electrical engineering

These engineers have a deep understanding of how power or electricity is generated and used. They are mainly involved in generating power from renewable energy sources such as biomass, wind, and water. The power produced is used in heating, lighting and other job options.

Electronic engineering

These engineers are mainly involved in designing and producing various electronic components. Electronic components are used in different types of electrical circuits. Sophisticated circuits are used in medical technology, manufacturing, navigation, and communication technology.